Thursday, November 12, 2009

Brick Hanger....What's a Brick Hanger?

Our condo is blessed with a lovely faux brick chimney feature. Is my sarcasm translating on screen? I should clarify, it's not faux brick which would be absolutely heinous, but for some reason the fact that it's supposed to look like a chimney but isn't one bugs me. I've never been to keen on artificial architectural accents. On a positive note the brick is a pretty subdue color, more brown then red, and I decided it might be a nice place to display some of the artwork I've been collecting.

One problem, how do you hang pictures on a brick wall without it being a big hassle and with out making a bunch of holes in it? Improvements Catalog to the rescue. I find whenever I have what initially seems like an unsolvable home improvement problem the solution can be find in the Improvements Catalog.

brick hanger

I came across these clever
brick hangers that snap right on the brick and according to the product description can hold up to 25 pounds. I think they worked out pretty well for my needs though you kind of have to let go a bit about your exact configuration because you are limited by the location of the bricks.

art wall

Starting from top left and moving clockwise, here are the links to the prints seen in the photo above: Jessican Gonacha Swift, Traci French, Traci French, Sharon Montrose, Monko Photography, and Michele Maule. The lamp is from Urban Outfitters, the shade is Anthropologie, the white vases are vintage milk glass and the small white ceramic lamp is Pol's Potten from Le Souk.

I hope you find these quick home improvement and decor tips helpful.

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  1. Love the sarcasm...and the art! Thx for the tip!

  2. As a matter of fact, I did find this useful. We have a chimney in the third floor. Now I can conceive of a way to hang some art there!

  3. I purchased and used one of these clever little hangers to hang my address plate outside on the brick exterior of my house many years ago. It is still hanging perfectly. My Dad found them in the Improvements catalog and gave it to me, before that I never paid any attention to the catalog, thinking it was all "tool guy" stuff. But they have many great products. I am surprised that they seem to be the only resource for so many years. Your wall looks great. I love the mix of the rough dark brick texture with the smooth white frames.

  4. Rachel they work great, I think they are about $10 for 4.