Thursday, April 1, 2010

Feminine with Just a Splash of Badass

It wouldn't be too much of a stretch for me to post the photo of this bedroom, tell you I love it, expect that many of you will agree, and get on with my afternoon. But what I would really like to do is tell WHY I love it so much.

 Avotakkat Magazine

It's simple, really. This room is one part Scandinavian wonderfulness with its sparsely adorned soft gray wall and glossy white painted floors; one part feminine with the light pink bedding, pile of pillows, & adorable little vintage side table; one part modern & just a little bit masculine with the cowhide rug, frame-less mirror and Le Klint 172 pendant; and the best part is the little splash of badass created by the framed still of my favorite scenes from "Pulp Fiction" leaning against the wall. The couple who shares this space define their style as a marriage of minimalist mixed with color and playfulness. I think they've captured that mix perfectly.

Photo Credit: Avotakka Magazine, Photographed by Riikka Koski, found via Emmas Designblogg


  1. I love it!!! It's just perfect. And your description nails it ;) I'm going to save the pic as future bedroom inspiration. Thanks for sharing xx

  2. Love the title of this post! total badass in the room :) definitely a perfect compromise for a couple!

  3. I love its softness. cowhide - masculine? I'd love to get one but hubby says no!

  4. Oh motomoto that is so funny! Perhaps he has a moral objection to having a dead cow on the floor :)
    I find I tell my boyfriend about decorating ideas and he just can visualize how it will look. Maybe something like this will help him realize how awesome it can look: