Monday, March 29, 2010

*Chirp Chirp*

It's been crickets around here, I know. I have some tragic news to share. Two weekends ago I sent my laptop flying off the bed and it's been non-functioning ever sense. Hence the lack of posting here at Design Evolution. I'm really about this. I loved my little netbook. I'm not sure what to do with it yet. It looks like it will probably be more expensive to fix then to get a new laptop. Everything that was saved on it is most likely lost :( Posting is going to be lighter than usual, as you have already noticed, because I no longer have photoshop to create my layouts and I'm tied a desktop (yuk). I'm going to do my best to continue posting by on a more relaxed schedule.


There's an upside to this little tragedy. I've been doing things with my hands that don't involve a keyboard and mouse. As I've already mentioned I've been taking a
drawing class on Monday evenings. With no computer on lap when I'm sitting in front of the TV I now keep my hands busy with a pencil and a sketch pad. These are not masterpieces by any stretch of the imagination but I'm pretty proud of my progress. I can't stress enough how great it feels to create something tangible. I recommend everyone take a weekend (or even just a week night) step away from the computer, try a new recipe, sew a pillow, paint a piece of furniture, whatever gets you fired up. A small project can make you feel like you accomplished something much bigger.


  1. Three cheers to making lemonade from your lemons!! xx

    I think that this internet world is like a rubber band in ways, we expanded to fever pitch, and now it's on it's way to retracting to a more reasonable level. What you are talking about is exactly the reason why I love to "tweet-up" and meet the people I interact with on Twitter. It's a delight to put a name (or @twitter-handle) to a face and have authentic conversation, in person!

    P.S. I think you might like this article: It talks quite poignantly about the death of design blogs as we know them.

  2. Great sketches!!