Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lack Luster This Shop is Not

There is an over abundance of vintage shops on etsy. Many of them are just like your neighborhood junk shop. They require excessive scouring in order to possibly find that one gem of a piece. But what you find most of the time is just junk. Then there are those few wonderful vintage shops that are beautifully edited with exquisite photography that make me want to buy every single thing in the shop. Lack Luster Co. is one of those shops. If you know me at all you must know that I'm dieing to get my hands on a few of the marine signal flags available. Lack Luster is not the only beautifully curated vintage etsy shop but it is one of my favorites for one very mportant reason. The items in the shop are so reasonably priced. That interesting little mid century side table is only $46! You should snatch it up before I do.

lack luster co.


  1. Thank you for letting me know about this shop! I struggle when navigating the regretsy side of etsy trying to find the good junk. I LOVE the way they stage the photos, and it looks so nice as a page with all the products - they could probably take a picture of a jar of pigs feet and it would look good!

  2. agreed. he staging of the photos is definitely what got me. it makes me want to buy every single thing in the shop.