Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Alyson Thomas Brings the Awesomesauce

I rediscovered an old flickr contact recently and I'm smitten all over again. Alyson Thomas, aka ilovedrywell, has created the most clever daily series of sketches titled Meat Sections. Meat Sections involves drawings of butchery-style diagrams, not just of the standard pig, cow, lamb, and other edible creatures, but odder items as well. It's just the right combination of adorable and odd that I really love.

Alyson Thomas Drywell Meat Sections

Alyson Thomas Drywell Meat Sections

A selection of some her best Meat Sections sketches are available as prints in the Drywell etsy shop including this San Francisco is for Carnivores poster. If you live in San Francisco and you eat meat I think you need to own this. What's more weird and awesome than a hand-drawn map of the San Francisco neighborhoods in the form of a pig butchery diagram?

Alyson Thomas Drywell San Francisco is for Carnivores

There is much more to Alyson than her Meat Sections but I will let you discover her true awesomeness on your own. I'll leave you with my favorite painting and some important words to live by:

Alyson Thomas I Love Drywell

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  1. I absolutely love this!
    so cute!

  2. Call me crazy but I would really love to have the cow one for my kitchen. So wonderful!

  3. I definitely don't think you're crazy. I have a few prints on my wish list right now.