Thursday, October 14, 2010

Real Estate Stalking in Montclair

You know those days when your out for a stroll, perhaps with your dog, and you stumble upon a lovely home with a for sale placed out front.

Your heart skips a beat. The home is charming. Decidedly way out of your price range, but charming none the less. You're dieing to know what it looks like inside, not that facts really matter because you've already started to day dream about how fabulous it must be.

Then one afternoon randomly clicking through real estate listings you happen to recognize that adorable red, white, and blue exterior. Excitement. You finally get to see what the home of your dreams has to offer. And then you get a peek inside and your brain says:

Picnik collage

Why does the dining room look like the inside of a train car and why does the kitchen look like the kitchen on a boat designed in the late 80's, early 90's? That is one crazy pink marble bathroom. Horrible flooring, after horrible flooring in every room of the house. That's an almost million dollar Formica kitchen people! Oh well, what a shame. At least I can stop pining over something I can't possible afford.

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  1. funny, we will be out and about looking at houses in Montclair this weekend. Hopefully the insides will look a little better than this one!

  2. Oh my, that is hilarious! Unfortunately there are many more that exist out there just like it. Imagine though what it could look like if you could put your stamp on it!

  3. It's the same everywhere. The houses in our best neighbourhoods have interiors out of a time capsule or look like a frat house. People tend to buy houses they can't afford to renovate. I guess the saying goes better to have the worst house in the best neighbourhood than the best house in the worst neighbourhood.
    Crushed dreams all around.

  4. Montclair is a neighborhood of many stately homes with less than stately interiors.

  5. ha ha, that's hilarious! Germany is much of the same -well, that or it's the total opposite: butt ugly houses and cool interiors. I think 'Curb Appeal' has a market over here, no lie!

  6. I hope so too Nichole! Good luck on the house hunting and welcome (maybe) to the neighborhood.

    Juliette - now that a business I would love to get into!

  7. It kinda feels like its a dollhouse made in the 50s or 60s with all that formica. Just curious, know what happened to the previous tenants?

  8. Sounds like a WASP bastion. Buy the house in 1964, do some moderate renos in 86 and then forget about. It's called "if it aint broke, don't fix it"

  9. Nice info! Thanks for these types of posts.

  10. I'm obsessed with houses! I know exactly what you mean, this has happened to me so many times. If you're lucky, the price will reflect the fact that it needs a few updates?

    I enjoy your blog :)

    Michelle Jamieson Interiors

  11. Michelle,
    Tell your readers to take a look at 305 North Mountain. If they have a little flexiblity and patience, they would get an amazing bargain!