Friday, October 29, 2010

Real Estate Stalking International

A little fantasy real estate stalking this Friday, international style. These two properties are currently available for rent via Jetsetter (warning: login required but registration is free) so perhaps we can consider then slightly more attainable than last week's pink darling.

London Jetsetter Rental

And by more attainable I'm actually kidding myself as this Chester Place London townhouse which once hosted Charles Darwin is available for measly $1450/night...

Paris Jetsetter Rental

..Which makes this 1200 square foot Champs-Elysées flat seem like a bargin at $650/night.

Paris Jetsetter Rental

I think it's time to start saving my pennies.

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  1. i was actually looking at my account and it was sooo tempting... i was thinking about it but i knew matthew would kill me if i booked it.

  2. I would easily stay at any three of those stunning places. Let's say we meet in London and slowly work our way to that flat in Paris. Saving pennies now.

  3. Michelle, how could I say no to that it sounds absolutely divine.