Sunday, November 7, 2010

Be Prepared to Be Jealous

This gorgeous piece of mid century bedroom furniture now lives in my home.

Mid Century Modern Bedroom Furniture

And this highboy came along with it.

Mid Century Modern High Boy

As did two of these awesome night stands,

Mid Century Modern Night Stand

a headboard, and two really neat hourglass shaped mirrors. This was my birthday gift, could you die? I almost did, Nick really hit it out the park.

This mid-century furniture set is from my favorite local shop, Semplice, who has recently created The Vintage Co-Op. The Vintage Co-Op is a collaboration between Semplice and Jerry's Antiques & Estates to bring seek out flea market finds and estate sale gems with a modern point of view.

In the second photo you get glimpse of the Paris in Gray set from Little Brown Pen, there is a better view of the set here.

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