Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Well Look What We Have Here

design evolution quote in the nest magazine
(click on the photo to see a larger version)

That's me quoted in The Nest magazine expressing my love for clear plastic shoe boxes from the Container Store. And I'm not kidding, I really love them. My closet was a disaster before I invested in about 20 of them. The shoe boxes are $1.79 a piece and only $1.49 a piece if you order a case of 20 (men's shoe boxes are larger and more expensive). I also picked a few extra and use them to organize my linen closet. They are so expensive yet sturdy & stackable that you really can't beat them. Even though you can generally see which shoe is inside which box I might go crazy one day and photograph all of my shoes to label each box. If I ever get to that project I'll be sure to give you a glimpse of the results.

Aside from my name being printed in the magazine there are actually a lot of great reasons to pick up this issue. My organizing tip is listed along side 20+ other great bloggers like Simply Grove & Create Girl. Also, the EmersonMade spread is much more beautiful in person than online and there is a really cute spread with Jayma Mays and her husband.

Even though it was just one small line (with an exclamation point I did not add ) I was giddy to flip open a magazine and see my name in print. I could definitely get used to that.

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