Monday, February 28, 2011

Artwork Found

A few weeks ago I got busy rearranging my art wall. It went from looking like this:

living room

To looking like this:

But I eventually ended up taking everything down and started the search for something new. I decided I would be happier with one graphic piece of art rather than an arrangement of smaller prints. I had originally hoped to hang this beautiful portrait of Snow Star over my sofa but unfortunately it could not be printed large enough.

I accidentally stumbled on this neat Chicago etsy shop called AGC916 stocked with some oddities and this Moon Chart. I knew instantly it would be perfect, especially for a household that can pass hours watching NOVA and the Science Channel. I wish I could capture how gorgeous the metallic ink looks in low light, it almost glows. Check out the Constellation Chart and the Terrestrial and Celestial Globe prints also. It was a tough choice between the three.

moonchart print

What do you think?

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  1. It looks great! I love love love you sofa and rug!

  2. Hello, I think it is a shame that the picture gallery style has gone. However the choice of moon is great is works well with the colour of your sofa and circular cushions. But although I like/love grey having bright colours added in are a must to bring some life to it. Fab KJ

  3. @modern janeThank you so much, funny I was thinking of replacing that rug...

  4. Hi Michelle! A fellow BYW student here. Just stopping in to say I love your blog...such great content! Def going to become a follower. Have fun in class =)


  5. @Jennie PrinceThanks so much Jennie, can't wait to check out your blog and connect in the class.