Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Now That's What I Call Motivation

Goodbye gross, ugly, cheap, office carpeting and rusty baseboard heater:

carpet removal

Hello pretty teak flooring that now flows with the rest of the house.

new teak florring

If you can recall (and you probably can't because it was so long ago) we starting the flooring project almost two years ago. The living room and dining room have been complete for some time but we've had a stack of unopened boxes in the living room just waiting to be installed in our bedroom and guest room/office. You can see a peak of the living room floors here but I really should take an updated photo of our living room's transformation.

This is our office/craft space/guest room so that's a lot of hats for a small room to wear. Now that the room has been emptied I'm going to be very strategic about what is allowed to come back so that the room maintains the open feeling it currently has.

There is still a lot to do that we will tackle this weekend. We will be installing a new baseboard heater, molding, touching up the paint, I have to do something with the closet because I would prefer not to put the doors back on, and the fun part - shopping for some new furniture. Stay tuned!

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  1. aww... that must feel so so much better!

  2. @modern jane It's does, I keep sneaking in there for a peak. Feels so much better knowing we're not living with someone else's dirty old carpet.

  3. Looks great! Big job, but worth it. Enjoy your fresh new space.