Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Quick DIY - Fabric Covered Cork Bulletin Board

I have a simple project to share with you today. I added some life to a plain Ikea cork memo board with a piece of geometric fabric from Tonic Living.

fabric covered cork bulletin board

Supplies you will need:
Piece of fabric measuring at least 26"x18"
Putty knife with a thin blade
Straight edge razor

abric covered cork bulletin board

Use the blade of the putty knife to push the fabric underneath the frame of the cork board. As you work pull the fabric taught and straight. Once all of the edges are tucked under the frame, trim off the excess fabric with your knife. Tuck the visible cut edges under the frame. You might find it easier to use fabric with a more organic pattern, it was a little tricky for me to keep the pattern straight. The frame comes unfinished so you may decide to paint it a fun color. I was planning on painting mine white but decided I liked the look of the wood tone against the wall color and fabric.

abric covered cork bulletin board

Hang and adorn with your favorite inspirational images.

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  1. ok, I had one in my hand yesterday at a shop for the second time in two weeks...and then I put it back. I keep wanting to do this project, but keep thinking I should just frame the fabric I have slated for it; I keep not wanting to hide the fabric w/pins! =)

  2. It has been almost a year. Has the fabric remained taut without stapling, gluing, or upholstery tacking into place? I'm about to do the same and want to benefit from your experience.

  3. Thanks! I've decided to do it also, then.

    OK, I've got the fabric tucked in now, but am puzzling over how to cut off the excess. Stick a rotary cutter in the space where the putty knife went? Put a metal ruler in the space and then cut perpendicular to it? Probably something simple that I'm overlooking...

  4. I tried several techniques, with better and worse results. I finally wound up using the rotary cutter over the 4 inch putty knife. It dulled the rotary blade something fierce. I realize I probably did this the hard way, but it looks nice! I'm glad I found your tut! Thank you.

  5. @Hovawart Glad you were able to work it out. It's all trial and error really. I sort of made it up as I went along. As long as any excess fabric is tucked into the frame nice a tight you should be good to go.

  6. Just in case I do another one, how did you cut off the excess fabric?