Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Still Redecorating My Living Room in My Mind

Isn't it funny how thinking about buying a new rug suddenly turns into wanting to redo an entire living room? I started pulling together a mood board to help me decide which rug would work best in the space and suddenly I had several new items added to my wish list.

modern living room mood board west elm ikea ikat gray black white

4 - artwork 5 - sofa 6 - rug

None of you actually chose this rug out of the six I was considering but Nick picked it as his favorite and since he rarely expresses interest in home decor I to honor his opinions with the proper amount of consideration. I think it might be too dark but I need to see it in person along with some of the other options before I make a final decision.

The room is more monochromatic than I initially intended. I like it but I think I might want to add some colorful accessories. Although, I do love how Erin's black, white and gray living room came together so perhaps I will keep with a more restrained color palette. Decision, decisions...

If I do decided to interject some color, this bright yellow urban outfitters floor lamp would look pretty snazzy in the space.

What do you think? Could you live in a monochromatic space?


  1. I love monochromatic design! Our bedroom is pretty monochromatic in a yellow/green/gray color and I love that. Very peaceful and calming. Our LR is also pretty monochromatic (blues), but we have punches of the same contrast color (red) as solid colored rugs and felt drink coasters. I'm in the process of making some patchwork pillow covers to bring in more pattern elements.

    Granted, we are so ready to toss the red rugs and pair another (non-red) color with our LR, but we've decided to put our pennies into other things first. Still, I wouldn't totally rule out monochromatic rooms; I find they give my eyes a break.

  2. That is the direction I'm headed - monochromatic color palette with layered textures and a few punches of color thrown in.

  3. I think a monochromatic palette is the most elegant, but I would also add a spot of colour, like bright yellow.

  4. @Pernillas designblogg Yellow (& possible orange) with most likely show up somewhere in the room.

  5. I love the pieces you have here especially that table. I don't think I could do with the monochromatic look though, for me! It is elegant and beautiful but I just love color too much. Perhaps some colorful flowers, that way you could change it up if you get bored or want to add a bit more/less color!?