Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm Back! (I know, my timing is off)

I realized this morning that I slowly came back to blogging with out the proper "Hey, I'm back from vacation. How've you been?" blog post. I have a ton of pictures to share, it was really a whirlwind trip. We visited a lot of places in two weeks, perhaps too many. This was our itinerary: Rome - Capri - Sicily - Kotor, Montenegro - Dubrovnik, Croatia - Havar, Croatia - Venice - and back to Rome. Walking seemed the best way to experience each city, I wish I was wearing a pedometer because I would love to know how many miles we traversed. I'll try to just pick out a few highlights from each stop so I don't overwhelm you with a million vacation photos. No matter how pretty the destinations are I know looking at a million photos of someone else's vacation can get old fast.

Travel tip - Don't schedule your visit to the Coliseum the day you arrive in Rome after 15 hours of travelling. When you're that tired your interest in such an impressive structure diminished quickly.

My expectations for lunch near the Coliseum were pretty low because it is such a touristy part of Rome but I had the best carbonara ever at this little cafe just one block from the historic site. Curiously the menu had a big picture of Albert Einstein on the cover. The nerd in me was pleased.

Fountains, fountains everywhere. Once those crazy Romans discovered they could extract water from the ground they went a little nuts constructing fountains. I'm only partially serious, some of them are pretty impressive.

We spent a lot of time exploring this Basilica di Santa Maria (the name is actually much longer than that). The brass meridian on the church floor which maps the location of the Sun and some stars in the sky at different times of the year was fascinating. This Basilica was actually dedicated to Galileo, really interesting considering his relationship with the Catholic church.

This is a funny shot of the Spanish Steps. It's not often that you can be the only two people sitting on them. There are usually hoards of tourists hanging out here. Window shopping in the neighborhood below the steps is outrageously good but I could hardly afford to step foot in any of the shops.

Next stop - Capri, where I did not buy leather sandals and did not drink limoncello.

Edit: I almost forgot - How've you been?

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