Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What a Wonderful Weekend

The Blogging Your Way NYC Road Trip weekend has ended and I'm my brain is still buzzing from these two creative and inspiring days. I can't thank Holly and Leslie enough for including me in this special event and for having faith in my abilities to offer guidance to their precious students. It was an exciting test of my camera/photography knowledge. I was actually pretty impressed with how much information I did know. Go me.
Holly Becker Blogging Your Way NYC Polaroid
It was a busy two days so I wasn't able to take many photos by I did bring my newest toy with me and was able to grab a few shots. No folks, these aren't instagram, they are the real thing.
Holly Becker Blogging Your Way NYC Polaroid
Check out this post by Audrey Smit sharing her experience at the workshop. It's a great break down of the entire weekend and she got some great shots of Holly and Leslie in action.

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  1. ooh, jealous! Looks like it was a lot of fun! Was it hugely different than the BYW class or was it a fun refresher w/new angles?

    I'll be going to Berlin in May for the The Hive: 'first European blogger conference', so that should be interesting.

    Btw- you're rocking a new blog design, no? Like it! This is totally on my to-do list this year.