Friday, December 5, 2008

Crafty DIY - Decorative Paper Covered Vases

Hey guys, sorry for the lapse in posting. It's really easy to get out of the blogging groove when holidays get in the way. One crazy week of cooking turns into two once you factor in a week of recovery but I'm back in the saddle again.

Today I've got a super easy diy project that may come in handy when decorating for the holidays. As I mentioned a
few weeks ago, in addition to my day job as a scientist, I also cater parties with a few close friends. We don't just supply the meal, often clients request decorating services for their party as well. In the case of the most recent party much of the decorating focus was directed to the buffet tables (there was a "neighborhoods of new york city" theme so each table was decorated to represent the neighborhood the food was from) which left only a small budget for the individual tables. Since the party was November 1st and the room and tablecloths had a very warm fall feeling I wanted to carry that feeling to the centerpieces as well. Here's how I was able to accomplish that.

I've never had even the tiniest bit of interest in scrap booking but I have to admit that I often find myself drawn to those packages of assorted scrap book paper. I bought a pad full of beautiful fall patterned papers that I was able to incorporate into this project. I already own about a dozen of these simple cylinder vases that I've used for previous parties. If you don't already own something similar, I recommend heading over to (if you've never heard of this site before today you will definitely thank me) and scoring a couple for about $3 a piece. So aside from the vases and the paper, the only other supply you need for this project is double stick tape. Double stick tape is my new best friend.

Here are the super simple project instructions. Measure and cut your decorative paper to match the height of the vase. The vases I used were 7" tall. Wrap the vase with the paper and adhere with double stick tape. I let the paper overlap about 1". Viola, here is the decorated vase. Pretty, no?

Then I stopped at one of the many bodega/flower shops that New York City has to offer and bought an assortment of really inexpensive mums. The berries in the arrangement are actually fake. I discovered if you wait until the week before Halloween all of the fall themed stuff at Micheal's is ridiculously marked down. I think these cost me about $2 a stem and I was able to cut the stems apart and use one in several arrangements. Total cost was about $5/centerpiece not including the cost of the vase since I already had them and they can be reused for another party.

While I was busy at the dining room table covering all of my vases with paper my boyfriend asked if I was making candle holders. No silly, but that is an excellent idea. So I took a few tea light holders that I had and covered those for myself.

I think they look pretty when lit and you can trust that I field tested them. The paper is safe, no fires I promise.

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