Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday Decorating

I wanted to share this simple Christmas centerpiece I threw together this weekend. The weeks approaching this holiday season have been pretty crazy so I didn't have a lot of time to devote to decorating the home for Christmas. I still want our home to fell festive so I did a few easy things here and there to bring some sparkle to our space. I adorned a few shelves with glass cylinder vases full of silver ball ornaments. So easy but also very pretty. I also snagged a great idea from Real Simple magazine and took a cork message board, covered it with wrapping paper, and am using that to displaying Christmas cards friends and family send. And lastly, the coffee table was looking a little bare so I threw together this ridiculously easy centerpiece that would be great on a holiday table.

a simple christmas centerpiece

It's a long rectangular serving platter I bought recently at CB2 with some white and silver candles that were stashed away from last year. Add some silver ornaments from the dollar store and viola! Fabulous. And cheap, since I had everything but the ornaments this entire centerpiece cost $1. Can't beat that.

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  1. Michele, simple, elegant decorative ideas for the holidays like this one appeal to me more and more as I get older and scale down more. A certain type of purity comes through. Nicely done!