Friday, January 23, 2009

Some Housekeeping and a Fun Project

Just wanted to direct you attention to the lower left hand side of the screen. I have finally gotten around to updating my blogroll. This list of blogs consists of those I keep up with on a regular basis. Seeing them all listed there makes me wonder how I manage to get anything done. It appears that I must spend all day in front of the computer reading blogs. Not so, I promise. Not all of them update on a daily basis (though most of my favorites do) and Sunday is a great day to veg and catch up on what I might have missed during the week. The list includes a lot of really interesting and talented people so if any are new to you take some time to check them out. When I get a little more motivated I plan on breaking the lists down into categories like art, decor, fashion, etc.

To anyone on the list who enjoys reading Design Evolution (or those not on the list that enjoy reading this blog) I am working on putting together a "Friends" section to include in one of the sidebars here. If you would like to be included email me a static banner no wider than 120 x 120. You can reach me by clicking the contact link at the top of this page.

And now for that fun project I mentioned. Hop on over to for instructions on how to make a Perpetual Photo Wall Calendar like the one seen here:

The project requires only a few supplies and seems simple enough to be completed in an afternoon. If anyone attempts this, I would love to see the results.

I'm off to enjoy this balmy weather we are having in the northeast. Hope you all have a lovely weekend planned. Peace and love.


  1. this looks so great, love all the fun & colour number photos! what a fab idea!

  2. That calendar is fantastic! Will have to go to the link.