Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bear With Me a Bit

I hope I am not driving everyone crazy with the constant tinkering of my blog layout. I'm not really happy with how everything is looking right now and I'm slowing learning how to make changes to the format. I just figured out yesterday that I can just set up a test blog, make all my edits there and then carry everything over to this blog. Duh. I will be doing that from now on so that you aren't presented with a new layout every time you visit.

On a totally unrelated note, Ferm Living is having a sale right now on selected wall stickers and wallpapers from collection 2. I'm a huge fan of Ferm Living's products. You've probably noticed the branches on the wall of my bedroom in the last few photos I posted. I originally felt that the Branches Wall Sticker was out of my price range so I opted to draw it, project it on the wall, and paint it myself. Well after an entire day of painting, I realized that it would have been worth the $153.50 that it would have cost me to just order the sticker. That will sticker is now on sale for only $61.40! For anyone who's been considering it I would said grab it because that is a steal.


  1. I know the feeling, just when you think you have got it right, you go and change your mind, I have lost count on how many colour varitions I have tried.

  2. I think my biggest problem is just not knowing enough about XHTML/CSS. I'll have a layout in mind that i like but I just don't know how to execute it. Have to get the computer brainiac boyfriend to help me out.