Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And Now on to the Dining Room

I'm on a roll so far this year with at least making decorating plans for the rooms in my home. About two weeks ago, I shared with you some ideas I have for sprucing up my bedroom. I have gotten as far as setting up the new bedding and picking up a new pillow and throw from Target. It already feels a lot better:


Now I'm motivated to start pulling together the rest of the rooms in our condo. We technically only have three rooms so I think it's about time. I made this mood board for the dining room (or area) since it should be pretty easy to make it feel finished. They only difficult thing about this part of the house is that it's going to take a few large purchases to bring it all together.

Here's a quick break down of the mood board:

West Elm Modern Storage Console
6. Fabric for lamp shades - Joel Dewberry Aviary
7. Casablanca mirror from The Company Store (no longer available)

Looking over the break down, I realize we've made a good dent in the list of things needed. Although, it's the expensive things that we still really need to purchase. I received the buffet from my parents for my birthday, which is awesome. And the lamps were a Christmas gift from my aunt and uncle, also awesome. I ordered the mirror from the Company Store mainly because it was on sale for $32 but now I'm not so sure it works. Right now I have it resting on top of the buffet and it feels too cream next to the white lamp bases and the white doors of the buffet. I'm thinking about painting it; it was pretty affordable that if painting doesn't work out I won't be devastated.
I'm almost 100% sure this is the table we will purchase. It's such a great price (Ikea, of course) and expands to seat up to 10 people. I really only need this much space for the holidays but it will be nice to have. The chairs are going to be the hardest purchase to make. I love these chairs from West Elm so much but it's an investment to get 8 of them. I've been shopping around but have yet to find a suitable replacement. Darn chairs are always so expensive. I'd love to go vintage but finding eight of the same chairs is difficult and the freight shipping for items on ebay is sometimes pretty high. Unfortunately, the antique shops near me rarely have interesting danish pieces and when they do the items are often outrageously priced. I'd would even be happy finding 6 matching chairs and then perhaps getting two different chairs for each end.

I have been having trouble finding lamp shades that I liked for my new lamps. I remembered that I have a couple yards that fab Joel Dewberry fabric and could cover a plain lamp shade with that. Does anyone know where I can find plain white drum lamp shades? I'm hoping they'll be about $20 a piece. Hopefully I those aren't unreasonable expectations.

So what do you think of the dining room plans? Right now the room looks like it's lacking some interest. Some interesting art and fun table linens will hopefully bring it all together.

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  2. Hello Michelle!
    I just found your blog on my blog's facebook page! I love it! I can't wait to read more. I think your Dining Room design is great. Have you checked Target for lamp shades? What about that godforsaken WalMart?? (I hate to say it, but last I checked, they had a big selection. That was last fall.) I bought my lamps for my bedroom at Target on clearance and the shades at Ikea. They look fab, and I think I spent $70 all together.

    As the the mirror, can you paint it to coordinate with that wonderful drum pendant? Maybe yellow?

    Just a my random thoughts. Looking forward to more time here.

  3. Looks good; I saw this site with some useful info on Dining India. Hope it helps...

  4. Hi -- Where did you find those sconces? Are they battery powered? I need to find some for my new place's bathroom -- horrible lighting!