Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ink & Spindle - Hand Painted Textiles

Ink & Spindle is a boutique screen-printing studio in Melbourne, Australia run by three textile designers – Lara Cameron, Bianca van Meeuwen and Tegan Rose.  They specialise in high quality textile printing for designers and independent labels.  They also have a online shop featuring a range of products from their in-house labels Hollabee, Lara Cameron and Tegan Rose. Most of their fabrics are natural, non-synthetic fibers printed using water-based, solvent-free inks.  Ink and spindle has a strong commitment to minimizing their impact on the Earth, which you can read about here.  

And now for the fun stuff.  Take a look at these gorgeous fabrics currently being added to the shop: 

Wrens available in Nathan's Blue and  Charcoal

Sumor available in a whole slew of colours

And probably my favorite, Birch which is available in  Chocolate and Robin's Egg

A million and one projects come to mind when I browse the shop. I know it will be a bit costly to have the fabrics shipped from Australia but the fabrics are so wonderful it's definitely worth it. Also, the exchange rate between AUD and USD is not too bad right now that I might have to take advantage of that.  

I spent some time going through Ink & Spindle's flickr photostream and found photos of their fantastic studio.  It seems impossible to create anything but the loveliness that they do when your work space looks like this: 

copyright Marcel Lee 2009

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  1. Love the birch trees as well. Feel very inspired by it.

  2. i just want to get printing now...