Thursday, February 19, 2009

Eleven Minutes - Jay McCarroll

Are any of you out there Project Runway fans?  I used to be the biggest fan of the show that ever lived (though I'll admit my interest is waning) and my hands down favorite winner was Jay McCarroll from season 1.  I would wear everything he sent down the runway for the finale show and everything that came out of his mouth had me in stitches. My boyfriend didn't mind watching the show with me since he was equally entertained by Jay.  Thanks to Green {Goody} I just found out that Jay made a movie called "Eleven Minutes" chronicling his year long journey preparing is first runway show post Project Runway.  I can't wait to see this and turns out I don't have to wait too long because it premieres tomorrow.  The movie will premiere in selected cities and available online at here! tv.  Here's the movie trailer if you'd like to check it out:        


  1. I loved Season 1 the best and not only was Jay really entertaining but wicked talented. Will have to catch this.

  2. This movie based on The Lows of High Fashion.
    i like it very much..........
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