Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sweets For Your Sweet

I've picked out my card, snagged a great gift (honey in case you read my blog before the weekend, don't click that link) and plan on doing a little bit of baking. All in all, a low key Valentine's Day and though my gifts are inexpensive they are all thoughtful and perhaps most importantly handmade. In case you were thinking about baking something for your Valentine but aren't quite sure how to present it as a gift I wanted to share these DIY gift ideas from Twig & Thistle.

You can find a printable pdf for that adorabale box and baking instructions for the apple pies here.

Instructions for the heart shaped brownies (hint bake brownies, use heart shaped cookie cutter) and directions for printing the bags (my favorite part) can be found here.

So clever, right? Someone should tell Twig & Thistle that these ideas are too good to be giving away for free. I mean, oops, wait I didn't say that. Keep them coming.


  1. sweet ideas!! and such a great blog : ) glad i found you!!! ~jen

  2. Love these ideas -- definitely makes food gifts (which are always great) even more special.

    Also, found your blog via MBG and it's great!

  3. thanks so much ladies, glad you're enjoying the blog.