Monday, May 4, 2009

Make a Mundane House Plant Special

So now that you have your perfect indestructible house plants picked out, what are going to put them in? My favorite part about having plants in the home is finding pretty vessels to house them in.  I searched around etsy to see what's available and pulled together this short list of beautiful and fun planters.

The retro bullet planter is actually not available on etsy.  I found this one at but had to include it because I'm dieing to own several of them in varying heights and sizes.  

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  1. I gotta greenfiy my place too so I'm liking these posts.

    I really like vessel #2 if your first image.

  2. Oh my--#1 in the first collage is so up my alley. I like how it has an organic, almost sea-biscuit-like form but with a rough edge. Love.

  3. Ooh! I love that first one and that owl is soo cute.

  4. I love these! My current planters look so 'grandmotherly'. Need to update them stat!

  5. Great collection of fabulous vases and pots.