Friday, June 19, 2009

Destination Milos: Sightseeing Carryall

I'm on the hunt for the perfect bag and I could use your help. I'm looking for something I lug around with me as a carry on and sightseeing that will hold my camera, wallet, passport, maps, etc. I need it to be big enough but not bulky and not terribly sack like. I have a few sack shaped bags and I always end up digging around the bottom trying to find what I need. I pulled together this little roundup of bags but I'm wide open to suggestions.

vacation bags

Can you help me choose the perfect bag for vacation? Do you think any of these can do the job I need it to do? Do you have a favorite all purpose bag?

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  1. Loving the doublecross. I have a tote from Moop. I use it pretty much every day for over a year- fits everything and goes with most (of my) outfits. Plus it's lightweight and durable.

  2. I like number 3! I so need a new purse too. I posted a blog about it a long time ago it seems and I still have not gotten one yet. The ones I liked were from Urban Outfitters too.

  3. Handbags make me slightly giddy. So this collage hit the spot. I particularly like #2 and #6.

    My favorite purse is always big and has a pocket somewhere so I can actually find my keys and phone.