Friday, July 10, 2009

Decorating Pet Peeves

I thought I would do something a little fun and different this Friday afternoon. Instead sharing photographs of interiors I love or artwork I'm inspired by I'm going to spill the beans about things I see quite regularly in interiors that make me want to climb the walls or scratch my eyes out (okay perhaps I'm being a bit dramatic). Play along won't you, I'm dieing to know if there are things you see that make your skin crawl.

Sofas with Rolled Arms

I know this is a weird one and that this is a very classic sofa design but I just can't deal. Never will you see a sofa, love seat, side chair, etc. with those two little round things on top of each arm.

Pottery Barn

This one might get me a lot of hate mail but it's cool, I can handle it. I don't actually hate everything from Pottery Barn. I actually, ahem, own a PB rug. I just have a general distaste for this Pottery Barn culture that exists. I'm with Phoebe, they might just be evil masterminds. They have somehow convinced many of us that Pottery Barn is an actual decorating style and that you must have every item from one their room displays for your room to look complete. It will be okay, you don't actually "need" that apothecary table.

Dining Room Sets

I think a few of you may offer nods of agreement to this one. Please never go to a department store and purchase the dining table, eight chairs, china cabinet, and buffet. I know it's easy but it is so boring.

Sets of Anything for that Matter

See description from previous. And please, please, please never by the sofa, love seat, coffee table, end tables, and two lamps package. I'm begging you. If you need helping pulling all of those things together just ask. That's what I'm here for.

TVs Mounted Over Fireplaces

This one is for you
Nichole :) I can appreciate that this arrangement was created to help solve the "Should the furniture be facing the TV or the fireplace?" question. However, I would much rather see you hang a nice piece of artwork that you can sit by the fireplace and enjoy staring at as opposed to a 42" flat screen. Plus I'm pretty sure I read that the heat from the fireplace is bad for the TV and may shorten it's lifespan.

Mass Produced "Artwork"

This set of 4 prints cost $99! $99 for mass produced botanical prints that you will most likely spot hanging in your neighbor's bathroom. Don't do it. Shop around on etsy, go to to local art shows, find an old wildflower field guide that you can tear apart and frame the pages. There are so many options that would allow you get creative or support your local art community that buying prints like these is never necessary.

Well I've gone on long enough and it's your turn to rant. Or you can go ahead and call me out of my mind for hating Pottery Barn. It's up to you.

Loves and have a great weekend. I know I'm going to.

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  1. Whew. So nervous coming to read this post and knowing you are stepping foot in my house tomorrow. However, I'm only guilty of one of these, and I don't think that's too bad. I'll let you figure out which one tomorrow. :D

  2. Great minds think alike.

    Although I'll admit I've tried to recreate Pottery Barn in more than one room in my house. It sucks you in with its sunlight and espresso wood.

  3. Brilliant post! I love the cynical twist you put on it. I'm a first-time reader here and so far love your blog!

    I bought my first WHITE couch today, and I hate to say it has the rolled arm rests. Sorry! LOL Other than that, I totally agree with you on everything you said.

  4. Sadly,I have purchased an entire living room from Pottery Barn but the plus side is- no rolled arms on the couch or chairs! Ever since that disasterous first attempt at decorating- which has resulted in me complaining nearly every day that I hate the matchy-matchyness of my living room- I have made a concious effort to never by one room because its "easy" ever again.

  5. I TOTALLY AGREE on so many levels, but mostly about:
    1. being too "Matchy-Matchy" with the furniture (it drives me nuts). sorry to say i do love PB, but only for select pieces.
    2. about the TV over the fireplace. Come on now! It totally ruins the fireplace and takes away from the coziness.

    P.S. when i finally get my life together and get my real job in the next few months, I'm calling you so we can put our heads together and design some amazing stuff for my new place. xoxo

  6. I agree with everything but the TV over the fireplace. I want both a nice TV and a fireplace, but what I don't want is an over sized room that is expensive to heat and cool. In many small homes, it's nearly impossible to get a great seating arrangement with the two separated. I do appreciate and understand your opinion on this, but this is more of a compromise in many situations and not a faux pas.

  7. Great post, although I love PB ;)
    I can't stand matching sets YUCK, especially bedrooms. That is one of my pet peeves too, rooms should look like the have come together over time.