Sunday, July 5, 2009

Paper Funk Press

(I apologize for my unannounced blogging hiatus. Life got crazy, work is busy and my house is completely torn apart. I promise to get back to a semi-regular posting schedule by next week.)

I just order some fun and brightly colored artwork for my newly painted walls. I was hoping to have a picture to share of the paint job but the rest of my home still looks like this so I think I'll wait until it actually looks like some progress has been made.

I'm always drawn to prints I find in etsy shops that have up beat and motivational phrases. These are from Paper Funk Press (great name) and I especially love the "Everyone should do their best to kick ass at life" print. It will be great to have that constant reminder hanging on my wall. Check out the shop for other great prints and stationary. This set of prints was a steal @ 4 for $20.

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE them. The love/chewing gum is my favorite. Maybe it's because I adore both love AND chewing gum. ha ha
    Going to check them out right now