Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Spotted: Wallpaper by Numbers

James and Emma, the husband and wife design team behind Ninteenseventythree, have recently introduced produced this great wallpaper that you can colour in for yourself.

Jon Burgerman Colouring-in Wallpaper

Nineteenseventythree is a UK based company selling their products all over the UK including The Ikon Gallery in Birmingham, London Graphic Centre, Tate galleries in London and Liverpool,and Oliver Bonas in London. They retail at £40-£45 per 1000cm x 52cm roll(roughly $64 - $72) and can currently be purchase online from the Nineteenseventythree online shop. While this wallpaper would look awesome in a grown up space I really love it for a child's bedroom. What could wouldn't love the opportunity to draw all over their walls?


  1. This is so much fun! - and what an amazing conversation piece!

  2. oh my goodness I love this but fear I would get nothing done until I colored every section. Though it would be fun to have a dinner party and have each person grab a color and go to it! Great post!

  3. Creategirl, I had the same thought when I was writing this post. It might be cool is a restaurant too. Imagine a restaurant that let you color all over the walls, how rad would that be?!

  4. Your first Nineteen Seventy Three link is broken. It begins with ttp instead of http.

    Also, I love your blog. I live in base housing right now but I'm hoarding ideas for once I own a home and can decorate it however I want. :D

  5. OrbitalDiamonds, thanks for the heads up the link is fixed.

    glad you're enjoying the blog, i'll try sharing more decorating tips that are temporary home friendly.

  6. This is an incredible idea :O) I used to draw outlines on my bedroom walls then colour them in :O)

    I would love to come work with you x