Monday, February 15, 2010

God Bless Fake Holidays

I actually have the day off from work today and I find myself not sure how to effectively utilize these welcome free time. I just decided that I am also going to make today a blog holiday. There will be no new posts today but I will be busily working behind the scenes to bring you excellent posts for the upcoming week.

Styling, Tulips

If you are also blessed with the day off I hope you find a great way to spend it. I'm going to get myself off this sofa and try my hand at making
green tea macarons with vanilla buttercream filling.

Photo Credit: Michelle Verdugo


  1. Love those flowers, Michelle, and that tray! (I have the same one on my dining room sideboard, just love it.) Hope you enjoyed your day off!

  2. I love the tulips in milkglass trio! Think I might have to try that with some of the vases in my collection this spring :-)