Monday, February 15, 2010

Kell on Earth Dish - Week 2

Kell on Earth Dish

Week 2 of the Kell on Earth dish is up now at
TheBubbReport. Head over to listen to Becky and me ramble on hilariously and to interject your own insights. That's right I said insights in reference to a Bravo reality TV show. This is important stuff people.

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  1. I love your recaps you guys....that show is so deathly full though. I'm so sad!! Kelly is awesome, but they need to glam it up some how huh!!

  2. PS

    Did we talk about this already? I was in BYW last time and am again this time.....not sure if you remember me. Love your site but now that I know you love bad tv as much as great design, I think you are even coole! haha


  3. alex, i think i responded to one of your comments on becky's blog. i remember you from the first BYW course i didn't realize you were also taking it again.
    you don't even know the depths of my love for bad television. it's stops at the bachelor though, i'm not interested in that crap.