Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Little Shopping Always Helps

Bathroom Month

First up for Bathroom Month is a round up of chic bathroom accessories. If your bathroom looks anything like
mine, new accessories may feel like putting lipstick on a pig but a full bathroom remodel may not be in your budget. Freshing up the space with some new accessories may help you to ignore that ugly, outdated tile for just a little bit longer.

The collections below contain accents that will coordinate with many different decor styles so whether your bathroom is classic, modern, spa like, or really feminine you should find something that you will enjoy.

bathroom accessories

If an entire bathroom overhaul is something you have been planning and are looking for some inspiration you can look forward to full room designs in next weeks bathroom post.


  1. I'm so excited to see how your blog evolves!! You have a very honest and straightforward style that I have really enjoyed reading over the last year. I know you'll continue to inspire me!

  2. Tiffany, you're so sweet. This will give me a great ego boost for the day!

  3. All three of these are gorgeous! I normally would lean somewhere towards the third, but today I'm really feeling the second option. Love it!

  4. Bathroom trinkets are on my list...
    But alas...the lipstick won't cut it..my rooms are in for Cosmetic Surgery...

    Cute post today...loved the fun outlook :)

  5. Rachel that's so funny, I would normally learn towards the second grouping but I'm totally feeling the third collection.

    Muse, you're comment made me chuckle. My room is need of some serious cosmetic surgery too.

  6. I love the 3 piece set by Ikea. And the amber jars by DWR and the Chemist Jar have always been my faves... Dope roundup!


  7. Amber bottles are my favorite and I love everything in the third set.

  8. Two of my favorite items in your round up are the twig ring holder (just bought some similar hooks for the wall that I am totally pumped about!) and the chemist jars. I was drooling over some that were similar at Anthrolopogie the other day. They were on the sale table... why didn't I buy them??

  9. What a lovely collection Michelle ... and posting for a new room each month is a wonderful idea! I had to laugh when you told us not to worry that you wouldn't post about the loo all month! Well if the above post is any indication - I wouldn't mind if you did!
    Allison xx
    PS thanks for the comment in the BYW forum ... it was really sweet xx

  10. wow....these are all gorgeous picks. I love, love these and would definitely add so much to any hum drum bathroom. Wonderful sweetie!