Monday, February 8, 2010

What's New at Design Evolution

I had one of those great creative and introspective weekends. I spent a lot of time developing a more refined vision for Design Evolution and brainstorming the direction that I would like to take the blog. My head was in a great place thanks to the insights of some great teachers and because of this the ideas were really flowing. I had stacks of old magazines all over the floor around me and I was writing down one idea after another. I even starting working on an editorial calendar. How I ever worked on post ideas without doing this in beyond me.

prop styling

This mornings
Delight Deal Alert is just one of the smaller features I'm introducing to the blog. I've decided that, for about the next 10 months, each month will emphasize a variety of posts focused on one particular room in the home. First up will be bathrooms because, well, I hate mine and this gives me the opportunity to daydream about a more spa-like retreat. Fear not, every single post this month will not be about the loo but there will be at least one bathroom related post per week. Keep your eyes peeled for more new features and for the return of some oldies but goodies that some how got left behind.


Photo Credit: Michelle Verdugo


  1. no pic showed :(

    but still glad to read post and see you are planning new things! :)

  2. Suche a great idea ! I'm desperately in serach for inspiration to entirely re-decorate my appartment. I can't wait to read you

  3. Its a exciting idea with loads of possiblities! I see you have a weakness for orange flowers as well :)

  4. yes i think this would be an exciting column...and like vineeta said...with loads of possibilities...will jump here to see time after time what happen...;)...thanks for sharing...cheers ines