Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Simple Fall Decorating Project

I whipped up some pretty but simple fall decor this weekend. The list of supplies you will need to create this project is really short. Get yourself some:

*decorative paper in fall hues;
*a 1 1/2 inch paper punch (not a necessity but this is what makes the project so simple); and
*a sewing machine.

Fall Decorating Project Ideas Supplies

Punch out a bunch of paper circles and sew them together. That's it! My paper only had a design on one side so I stitched two circles together back to back.

Fall Decorating Project Ideas Paper Garland

String your garland up around the house.

Fall Decorating Project Ideas Paper Garland

Make a festive holiday chandelier with your garland and double stick tape.

Fall Decorating Project Ideas Paper Garland

Okay maybe I got carried away and started decorating everything with them. I couldn't help myself, the garlands are just so cute and easy to make.

Fall Decorating Project Ideas Paper Garland

Do you have any fall theme projects to share? I always feel craftier this time of year and would love some ideas.

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  1. Very cute! We are all decked out for Halloween as well here.


  2. I love decorating for fall just a little too much. Heck, my blog is still decorated from last fall :)

  3. thank you, naomemandeflores.
    You have a beautiful blog, I can't read any of it but it's pretty to look at :)

  4. LOVE decorating with homemade garlands. Here's one that has been on my craft list for some time:

  5. That project is on my list too, Sweet D, I love it.