Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Perhaps an Equine Portrait?

I am on the hunt for something special to fill this space. I'd like whatever I hang here make a graphic impact. Hanging landscape I think what I choose should be at least 16"x24" which leaves plenty of room for a large frame, but a vertical hanging photograph, print, or art piece would look great even larger than that.

My first thought when deciding what I'd like to hang here was a beautiful photograph of a horse. I've never owned a horse and I've only been riding a handful of times but I've always loved horses. They make great portrait subjects with their expressive eyes and I love how photographs of them are often warm toned and monochromatic.

Horse Equine Art Photography

I did a thorough etsy search and found some great possibilities. I haven't contacted all of the sellers yet to see how large the photographs can be printed but I thought you would like to see some of my favorites.

Horse Equine Art Photography

I ran these past Nick and he is on board with the equines, preferably the close up face shots. What do you think, any favorites?

Horse Equine Art Photography

I have more non-horse related options to share so stay tuned!

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1 comment:

  1. I think it would be something fun and different there -go for it!