Thursday, May 21, 2009

Of Paper & Thread - Screen Printed Textiles

I am what you might call a fabric collector. I find it hard to resist buying beautiful fabrics even when I have no actual project in mind for them. It's a sickness I think but at least it's one that leaves me surrounded with piles of pretty textiles. Imagine my joy when I stumbled upon Of Paper & Thread. Not only are the fabrics lovely, they screen-printed by hand onto linen/cotton or hemp/cotton fabrics using environmentally friendly solvent-free inks. That means I can feel a little less guilty about buying some since the fabrics are environmentally friendly.

Poppies screen-printed fabric panel (red on white)

Protea screen-printed fabric panel (bamboo green on birch)

Danielle Smeets, the creator of Of Paper & Thread has a flickr pool set up where you can submit photos of products you've created with her fabrics. Check out this beautiful scarf submitted by Aunt Cookie. Setting up a pool is such a great idea for any of the independent textile designers out there. It's the easiest way to show new customers the range of possibilites your product can be used for. And like so many of us, Danielle has a blog of her own. Check it out for a sneak peek of new textile designs soon to be added to the shop.

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  1. such bright and cheerful patterns!
    Love them ~~


  2. Hi Michelle! Thank-you so much for giving my fabrics a mention - much appreciated!
    Best wishes,
    Danielle :)

  3. what a fun idea; great color :)

  4. These patterns are really good.Colors are also good.