Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lonny Magazine

Back in early July I let you in on the news that Michelle Adams and photographer Patrick Cline, both former editors of Domino Magazine, have teamed up to produce an online decorating and lifestyle magazine. The first issue of Lonny Magazine will be available this month so I popped in on the site to get a sneak peak.

There is a lovely mission statement from the editors that has me excited to see what the team puts together:

In the time when shelter publications are turning their last pages...

Our Mission is to reopen the doors to accessible design. By embracing an online platform we provide inspiration at the click of a finger, directly connecting our readers to their favorite products and resources. Our freedom from page limits means that we can share more content in each issue, delivering an intimate look into the way people really live. At Lonny, we value independent thinking and believe not in following trends but rather in making choices that lead to happiness. We believe that good design and affordable design can coexist and that true inspiration can be found in the teeniest of homes or in the grandest of spaces.

I couldn't agree with that last sentence more.

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  1. flipping excited about this! thanks for letting us know about it!

  2. Wow, this debut issue is amazing, and I'm really looking forward to see what's next for Lonny. I just noticed that page 26 features my studio's Midwest Seed Bombs, which are available at Jayson Home and Garden in Chicago [as mentioned in Lonny], and also in our own Etsy shop.