Thursday, February 4, 2010

In Sight, In Mind

For lack of a better and less cliché phase, in our home "Out of sight, out of mind" is definitely the rule. If the yogurt ends up in the back of the fridge it doesn't get eaten; stash the backgammon away in a drawer somewhere and we never play it; and as is the case with my jewelry collection, buy some pretty and inexpensive jewelry to spice up the wardrobe, wear once, stick in a dresser and never wear again.

Hopefully this will no longer be the case. If I keep the jewelry on display right next to my closet there is a chance that I will actually wear it more often. And a bonus, it's pretty to look at. I'm sure I could have come up with a DIY solution but, as we discussed
yesterday, I'm not allowed any new projects until I finish the ones I've already started. I didn't want to wait until then to tackle this little problem so I found a simple solution. I ordered this birdcage inspired jewelry organizer from Urban Outfitters this week and I love it.

If you are thinking about working on a DIY solution for your jewelry storage a quick search around the web turned up a bunch o great ideas. Follows the links for more information about each project pictured below.

Photo Credit: Top 3 photos - Michelle Verdugo; All others linked below photo

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  1. MV- this post rings so true for me too. that bird cage is very sweet. UO, brilliant. may need to jump on the display bandwagon. ox t

  2. I think I love yours so much that I will by one also ! Thanks for this wonderful idea !

  3. trish, want to hear something funny? i wore no jewelry today :) but i'm not giving up on the idea yet!

  4. Wow! Such neat ideas to keep jewellery!
    I too have loads which I never wear & I Completely Loved the box!

  5. Hi! I just stopped by from the BYW class and saw that you featured my jewelry set up - how cool!!!! I am tickled to see it and thank you -
    Question for you... are you using wordpress for your blog? I am getting ready to make a switch but I am up in the air with either staying with Typepad or moving on.
    Thanks again!

  6. Paula, what a small world that we are both in the BYW class. I'm actually just on blogger right now and did a bunch of tweaking to my template to make it look less bloggeresque. I'm contemplating a move to wordpress in the future but I'm not ready right now for a such a big undertaking.