Monday, January 17, 2011

Ace Hotel Lamp Mystery - Solved

Well, it's sort of solved. I never actually found out if it was possible to purchase the bedside lamps from the guest rooms at the New York Ace Hotel. Truthfully, I have a sneaking suspicion that the lamps were designed by Roman & Williams specifically for that project. Fabricating unique lighting appears to be something Roman & Williams does often. You can see a few examples of their lighting design here.

What I did find is the Loft Task Lamp from West Elm. It has the same black powder coated iron shade and thin black iron rod base. The lamps are pretty similar in style and for $74.99 (+ 20% off) I'm really happy with my West Elm purchase.

West Elm Loft Lamp Ace Hotel Bedside Lamps

For reference, this is what the bedside previously looked like. Those sconces served their purpose for awhile (they're battery operated so it was a cinch to take them down) but they looked tiny when paired with the new, much larger, nightstands.

I love the way the bedside looks now, what do you think?

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